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Information System

Information System is one form of an application that focuses on the business processes of an organization or a company. The Information System aims to increase the productivity of a business process in an organization by using IT.

IT Planning

IT has become the backbone of an organization. However, to implement various IT solution in an organization, a good IT planning needs to be done before hand. A good IT Planning will reduce the risk of a failure of IT implementation.

IT Procurement

The experiences are in the form of procurement of hardware, software / licenses, or the provision of 3rd party services (such as: hosting / training).

We do both the procurement for user needs (such as computers, laptops, printers, etc.) or for system requirements (such as servers, switches, etc.). The hardware that is procured is equipped with a warranty and after-sales service that is tailored to client needs.

Web Portal

Web Portal is a website that can be accessed by various stakeholders (especially the general public) to display various useful information. This information can be in various formats: texts, graphics, images, videos, blogs, social media posts, etc. And come from various sources: documents, internal workflow, public website, real time sensors, etc.

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